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Pen Needles
Pen Needles

BH Supplies Pen Needles - 31G, 6mm, Case of 6,250 Units (50 boxes of 125)


Insulin pen needle has an outer shield, an inner shield, and a colored peel tab, is intended to be used with a pen injector device for an insulin shot or injection. Pen needles are available in different versions, differing in needle diameter and length to meet individual needs. Consult your healthcare professional for assistance in choosing the right needle length, injection technique and injection site. 


◆ Special triple sharpened and polished ultra fine needle, silicone treated tip allows for a more smooth and comfortable penetration, reduces the friction, and tissue damaging.
◆ Thinner and shorter needle. The comfort of the injection is guaranteed.
◆ Securely and permanently attached needle eliminates needle pop-off.
◆ Available in a full range of needle sizes and lengths, and barrel capacities.
◆ Compatible with Insulin application via all type insulin pen delivery devices.
◆ Safe luer connection protects against "wet" injection.
◆ Sterile. Well-biocompatible materials, NOT made with natural rubber latex reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Method of use

Always check the integrity of packaging condition before use and do not use the product with opened or damaged package having particles and extraneous matter.
1. Peel the sealed package when you use the product and put out the needle.
2. Connect the syringe tip to the hub of the needle aseptically. Always ensure a
secure connection between the needle and syringe.
3. Move the safety mechanism in the syringe barrel direction.
4. Remove the needle protective cap, perform injection procedure according to the standard aseptic techniques.
5. After the injection procedure, engage safety mechanism by one of the following three methods of pushing by the surface or by the thumb.
6. The needle should be completely fixed by the cap, once the safety mechanism is well activated. Do not forcefully release or re-activate the safety mechanism after it has been activated.
7. Discard needle after the procedure. Please make sure to follow your facility's customary precautions, and observe the standard aseptic techniques, when preparing, administering and disposing of the needles.
8. This is aseptic package. For single use.
9. Do not attempt to re-sterilize and reuse.
10. Do not use the device after the expiration date.

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