Hypodermic Needles


The hypodermic needle is intended for use in the aspiration and injection for fluids for medical purpose, the needles are commonly used with syringes, transfusion and infusion sets for medications delivery or blood collection/transfusion. They are produced according to ISO standards and are applicable for all indications. Needles are available in all standard sizes and are marked according to the international color code.

◆ Injection needles manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, special triple sharpened and polished, silicone treated tip allows for a more smooth and comfortable penetration, reduces the friction, and tissue damaging.
◆ The range of needle tip bevels (regular, short, intradermal) enable selection of the needle of every treatment according to the needs of the procedure.
◆ Broad range of tip hubs (Luer Slip, Luer Lock) offers a variety of selection options.
◆ Color code (according to ISO Standard) for easy identification of needle size, facilitates the correct selection.
◆ Suit for both Luer Slip and Luer Lock syringes.
◆ Sterile. Well-biocompatible materials, NOT made with natural rubber latex reduce the risk of allergic reactions.


What types of insulin syringes do you have?

  • Disposable syringe without needle
  • Disposable syringe without needle bag package
  • Disposable syringe with hypodermic needle
  • Insulin syringe with needle (non safety)

What are the benefits U-100 Insulin Syringes?

Broad range of options based on insulin concentration, volume, needle length, and graduation
Available in sizes ranging from 0.3cc to 1cc
Needle lengths of 6mm, 8mm, and 12.7mm
Gauge sizes of 29G, 30G, and 31G
Sold by the case of 1000 units for bulk purchases or 100 units per box
Committed to providing high-quality and biocompatible materials for safe insulin injections

How to use U-100 Insulin Syringes?

Before using our insulin syringe, check the packaging integrity to ensure that it is not damaged.
Remove the syringe from the packaging and detach the plunger cap and needle protective cap.
Inject air into the insulin vial and draw the predetermined dose.
Expel any air in the barrel and inject the medication.
Discard the syringe after use.

Remember to always follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider or medical professional when using insulin syringes. BH Supplies is dedicated to providing safe and effective U-100 insulin syringes in a range of sizes to suit individual needs.